© Joana Rodrigues / “Timber”, by Roberto Olivan for Companhia Instável / interpreted by João Cardoso, Joana Couto, Mafalda Cardoso, Liliana Oliveira, Ricardo Machado, Sara Garcia | © Pedro Sardinha/TMP / “Simulacro”, by Carminda Soares and Margarida Montenÿ / Palcos Instáveis | © Ivo Tavares Studio/Casa da Arquitectura / Creation by Francisco Pinho for the projetc Percursos pela Arquitetura / Inauguration of Casa da Arquitectura

Instável, Portuguese partner of the European cooperation project iCoDaCo – International Contemporary Dance Collective – is pleased to announce this call for the selection of four artists, independent and with a contemporary approach in the area of dance, for the formation of a new collective.

  • until Jun 30 / through the form

Palcos Instáveis is a project to encourage emerging creation in contemporary dance. The selected proposals benefit from a creative grant, residence space, artistic support, and presentation at the Teatro Campo Alegre.

  • until jun 30 / through the form

Creating an immersive and speculative atmosphere, the audience is invited to place itself. It is not a presentation in space but a presentation of space in permanent development: fleeting and expansive.

  • Jun 27 / Teatro Aveirense

I remove myself from this pile of earth and huge stones, I dig out my hand, followed by my arm, my leg, until my entire body is exposed. I look in the mirror and look for transparency, but there is a lot of dust, scratches, and traces of pebbles. I am full of strata, of layers.

  • Jun 13 / Festival A Cidade Dança, Paços da Cultura, São João da Madeira

Mórula Grant is a support program by Instável - Centro Coreográfico that promotes research, experimentation and creation in the field of contemporary dance. In this call for entries we intend to select one project, which will benefit from a set of opportunities.

  • until Jul 15 / on the form