© Joana Rodrigues / “Timber”, by Roberto Olivan for Companhia Instável / interpreted by João Cardoso, Joana Couto, Mafalda Cardoso, Liliana Oliveira, Ricardo Machado, Sara Garcia | © Pedro Sardinha/TMP / “Simulacro”, by Carminda Soares and Margarida Montenÿ / Palcos Instáveis | © Ivo Tavares Studio/Casa da Arquitectura / Creation by Francisco Pinho for the projetc Percursos pela Arquitetura / Inauguration of Casa da Arquitectura

FAÍCC is an intensive, dynamic and interdisciplinary training program, which takes place in the first semester of each year at Instável. It is aimed at performers and creators with solid foundations in contemporary dance who want to deepen their knowledge through a process oriented towards professionalization in the areas of interpretation and choreography.

  • until Aug 31 / through this form

1. Hurt, Touched, Grievous, Sad, Plangent, Sensitive, Half Rotten, Broken; 2. Psychophysiological function that consists of experiencing a certain type of sensation; (...)

  • Sep 13 / Centro Cultural Raiano, Idanha-a-Nova

Normality returns quickly and sanity is not at risk, just turn the other way and snuggle back into your own soft and fragrant conceptions. How many layers does a dream have? Where does one person's dream end and another's dream begin? Where is the border between the real and the surreal?

  • Oct 10 / Teatro Aveirense

In the performance-installation “Emi Koyama passou aqui”, Hilda revisits this great elaboration by Koyama, in order to undo some misconceptions and clichés that still persist about transfeminism.

  • Oct 4 and 5 / Sala Estúdio do TCA

A solo that refers to Cultural Archaeology, where memories are unearthed to enhance the construction of a current narrative based on critical thinking and memory as raw material.

  • Oct 4 and 5 / Café Teatro do TCA