© José Caldeira / “KOKORO”, by Ana Isabel Castro and Deeogo Oliveira, Palcos Instáveis // © Câmara Municipal de Ovar / “Nem a própria ruína”, by Francisco Pinho, João Dinis Pinho and Dinis Duarte, Palcos Instáveis // © José Caldeira / “Rubble King”, by Duarte Valadares, interpreted by Marco da Silva Ferreira, Palcos Instáveis 

Segunda Casa

Segunda Casa (“Second Home”) is the project of exposing and touring a set of the choreographic works developed and presented initially through Palcos Instáveis/1as Obras in collaboration with the Municipal Theatre of Porto.
With the purpose of contributing to the visibility, advertising, acknowledgement and presentation of the creators, Instável develops a continuous work of keeping in touch, production and communicating the works and choreographers included in this project.

Segunda Casa aims at the touring of performances in various spaces throughout the whole national territory, investing in partnerships and collaborations and promoting a regular cultural programmation in dance. Besides the performances, the project also englobes the development of parallel activities in relation to the audience, according to the setting, context and artistic circuit.

© José Caldeira / “It’s a Long Yesterday” by Carminda Soares and Maria R. Soares
© José Caldeira / “It’s a Long Yesterday” by Carminda Soares and Maria R. Soaresa Long Yesterday” de Carminda Soares e Maria R. Soares