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MAMA / Mafalda Deville

On stage, a character for two interpreters who invoke memories, fears and insecurities, in a deaf dialogue with each other. The inside and the outside, the fall and the jump, the private and the public, all wrapped up in lullabies. On stage, two bodies that never tire of trying. Two bodies that know that sometimes you have to relearn how to live, and even relearn how to breathe.

Simulacro / Carminda Soares e Margarida Montenÿ

"Simulacro" is an exercise in intimacy, repetition and resistance. Two bodies in continuous action explore the limits of their proximity through the degenerative nature of the gesture.

Apneia / Leo Calvino and Joana Couto

Normality returns quickly and sanity is not at risk, just turn the other way and snuggle back into your own soft and fragrant conceptions. How many layers does a dream have? Where does one person's dream end and another's dream begin? Where is the border between the real and the surreal?

KOKORO / Ana Isabel Castro and Deeogo Oliveira

Rubble King introduz um curto período de atenção, uma criatura investigadora do arquétipo. Uma entidade numa sandbox, um local de informação ilimitada, um circuito excessivamente produtivo à procura de arquétipos com que se alimentar. Vários estados através da mudança de atenção e esquivando-se da conclusão, um ridículo racional.

Krakatoa / Sara Santervás

Krakatoa, emerges as the political need to scenically address a social occupation: breaking the public silence around suicide.

It’s a Long Yesterday / Carminda Soares and Maria R. Soares

One or two bodies, six at most. It's a long yesterday is an exercise in desire, fracture and multiplication.

Rubble King / Duarte Valadares

Rubble King introduces a short attention span, an investigative creature of the archetype. An entity in a sandbox, a place of unlimited information, an excessively productive circuit looking for archetypes to feed on. Various states through shifting attention and dodging the conclusion, a rational ridicule.

Na ausência de Ternura / Juliana Fernandes and Victor Gomes

“The search for a line that finds us, an absence that once seemed tender to us and that today remains with us like the distorted trail of memory.”

BOWND / Catarina Campos and Melissa Sousa

BOWND focuses its research on movement from the universe of Boundaries (individual boundaries). Own, Bond (connection), Bound (limit and leap) are key words on a path towards the construction of the limits of the human being and towards a clearer awareness and expression of who we are and who we are not, discovered only in relationship with the other.

Dostoyevsky Made Me Do It / João Oliveira

Inspired by Fyodor Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground, we observe a more physical adaptation of this intense man. João Oliveira, was the creator selected by the LAB 2 Aveiro jury to be part of the presentation cycle Palcos Insáveis Segunda Casa at Teatro Aveirense.
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