© Filipe Cunha, Teatro Aveirense / “Barro”, de Mafalda Deville

Barro, Terra Molhada Onde a Bota Escorrega
Mafalda Deville
Created for Companhia Instável by Mafalda Deville, music by Drumming GP. A commission from the Municipal Theaters of Vila Real and Bragança within the scope of the project Algures a Nordeste.

By water, by fire, by time, by hands. They are bodies that shape and are shaped. Who question their existence, their state, their relationship with others – themselves. The solitude of eternity of stones embedded in the earth. The feast of discovery. Memories and dreams resonate, in the box of time, where the past and the future do not always follow each other in this order. By water, by fire, by hands. The body, mutable matter, from languid seduction to the catastrophe of the shard. Everything in black and red. As in roulette, bodies enter the game.


Mafalda Deville

Mother, woman, wife and artist with over 20 years of experience. Creative for as long as she can remember, leading to becoming a choreographer. Her constant curiosity for feminist issues became an ongoing research that led her to work with different community groups as part of her research process.
Now, her interest is in how her artistic work can and does result in activism. How artistic performances in the public sphere and on stage, linked to the feminist revolution, can help to understand the path that needs to continue to be taken, questioning and challenging the spaces where activist events should and can take place.
This interest is invested through collaborations and co-creations with different Dance artists and different artistic disciplines with diverse research.

Throughout her career as a performer/creator she has worked with names such as Jasmin Vardimon Company, Nuno Cardoso, Tiago Rodrigues – O Mundo Perfeito, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Companhia Insável, Hélder Seabra among others.

Masters in Choreography from Fontys University and Codarts University in the Netherlands in 2021. Graduated from the London Contemporary School of The Place in 1997. Founder and artistic director of the Oficina Zero project based in Porto.



Dance M/6 – 90 min


Next presentations:

Nov, 17 / TEMA – Teatro Municipal Oliveira Azemeis


Past presentations:

May 5, 2024  / Casa da Criatividade de São João da Madeira

Mar 5, 2023 / Teatro Ribeiro Conceição, Lamego

Nov 17 and 18, 2017 / Teatro Municipal de Vila Real

Nov 23 and 24, 2017 / Teatro Municipal de Bragança

Artistic direction: Mafalda Deville

Musical direction and sound design: Rui Rodrigues

Consultancy: Drumming GP

Artistic assistance: Ricardo Machado

Scenography and video: Israel Pimenta

Technical direction and light design: Ricardo Alves

Costumes: Mariana Morgado

Executive production: Rita Santos

Consultancy: João Ribeiro da Silva

Interpreted by (premiere): Beatriz Valentim, Inês Galrão, Duarte Valadares, Liliana Oliveira, Michael de Haan, Sabrina Gargano and interpreters from the local community

Interpreted by (tour): Beatriz Valentim, Catarina Corujeira, Ricardo Machado, Liliana Oliveira, Michael de Haan, Sabrina Gargano/Sara Santervás and interpreters from the local community


Companhia Instável is supported by República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção- Geral das Artes and by the program “Bolsas para a formação Fundação GDA”.