© José Caldeira / “Sagração de quem Era”, by Margarida Constantino / Palcos Instáveis

Open Call

Palcos Instáveis is a project that seeks to encourage emerging creation in the area of contemporary dance. It is aimed at creators who may be at different levels of consolidation and wish to develop and present new choreographic works, in a professional context. The selected proposals benefit from a creative grant, residence space, artistic support, production support, and presentation at Teatro Campo Alegre.

The cycle is promoted by Instável, in co-production with Teatro Municipal do Porto. Since 2012, more than 150 new creations have been supported and presented.

For whom

– Choreographers born in or residing in the city of Porto and the North region of Portugal, with work already developed in the area of choreography or who are in the process of developing their first pieces;

– Other creators, particularly foreigners, who develop co-creation work with choreographers born in or resident in the city of Porto and the North region of Portugal.

Conditions ensured by Instável / TMP

– Rehearsal space at Instável – Centro Coreográfico, Teatro Campo Alegre (according to availability);

– Artistic monitoring of the project through mentors selected by the creators themselves;

– Presentation space in the Sala Estúdio or Café Teatro at Teatro Campo Alegre (space defined according to technical and logistical conditions);

– Free attendance at a production training (aimed at creators);

– Award of a grant worth €1900;

– Payment of representation licenses, age classification and copyright;

– Technical support and equipment (subject to theater availability);

– Publicity of the project;

– Front of house team;

– Presentation integrated into the Teatro Municipal do Porto program.


To submit your application, we request that you send:

– Project title (provisional or definitive);

– Brief synopsis of the project;

– Description of the project/artistic intentions/relevance;

– Artistic sheet;

– Expected duration (between 45 and 60 minutes) and age range;

– Biographical note(s);

– Timeline;

– Base budget;

– If it has already debuted;

– Whether it is available for presentation in December 2024;

– Images/video links (from the project to be applied for or previous ones).


Submission of applications until June 30.

Between 8 and 12 proposals will be selected for development and presentation from December 2024 onwards, averaging 9 creations per year.

The analysis and selection phase of the pieces to be presented by December of this year takes place during the month of July 2024.

Any questions or additional information: gabinetedifusao@companhiainstavel.pt

Selection Process

– The selection process takes place in two phases: in the first phase, proposals will be selected for development and presentation by December 2024. In the second phase, proposals will be selected for development and presentation by June 2025. Preference will be given to shows that are yet to premiere.

– Over four years, in a period that extends until 2026, Instável will dedicate itself to exploring and working on a different theme per year, integrating it into its multiple activities. In this Open Call, applications will be valued that, in their artistic content and/or production processes, focus on the proposed theme – the relationship between Art and the Environment.

– Candidate projects may have other sources of support that enhance them, but cannot have other support from Teatro Municipal do Porto and/or the Porto City Council.

– The proposals will be evaluated by a member of Instável, Teatro Municipal do Porto and by a member invited as an external jury.

– Only shows not presented in Porto on the date of presentation on Palcos Instáveis will be considered.

– Projects that have as their final product “presentations in process” or “open rehearsals” will not be considered.

Instabilidade and Teatro Municipal do Porto reserve the right not to select any proposal.