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Timber / Roberto Olivan

TIMBER is a journey into the depths of our existence, a visit to every corner that we failed to visit due to fear, ignorance or abandonment of ourselves. A personal disconnection from what unites us to our unique and authentic nature.

TAKE / New Creation by São Castro and António M Cabrita for Companhia Instável

For the new creation "Take", we are looking for 5 performers over the age of 20, with strong technical and artistic skills. The singularity of the interpreter, the aptitude for interpretation and the ability to correspond to the choreographic language of São Castro and António M Cabrita will be considered and valued. Two interns will also be selected in an audition to accompany the creation process.

Lowlands / Helder Seabra

An area where the land is close to or below sea level is called the lowlands. Lowlands also refers to Freud's theory, which likens the mind to an iceberg—it floats with one-seventh of its volume above water, the only visible part.

Barro, Terra Molhada Onde a Bota Escorrega / Mafalda Deville

Memories and dreams resonate in the box of time, where the past and the future do not always succeed each other in that order. By water, by fire, by hands. The body, mutable matter, from the languid seduction to the catastrophe of the shard. Everything in black and red. As in roulette, bodies come into play.

EM DOIS! / Roberto Olivan

The way in which the Self and the Other is perceived is conditioned by a complex historical-cultural lens, which influences and shapes individual identities and social roles that are expected and performed. In this play, two people confront each other, staging tensions and ambiguities of contemporary relationships.

Audições / Nova Criação de Roberto Olivan

Depois de Timber, esta é a segunda colaboração de Roberto Olivan com a Instável. Para a nova criação procuramos quatro intérpretes - dois deste lado da península, dois do lado de lá. Sem restrição de idade ou género, serão valorizadas a versatilidade e excelência técnica e artística dos candidatos.
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