© Teatro Aveirense / “Caem Calhaus do Céu”, by João Oliveira / LAB Aveiro

Caem Calhaus do Céu
João Oliveira
Palcos Instáveis / Coproduction with Teatro Municipal do Porto

Caem Calhaus do Céu is an introspective dance that reflects the concept of individuality, identity, and their respective creation in relation to time. I remove myself from this pile of earth and huge stones, I dig out my hand, followed by my arm, my leg, until my entire body is exposed. I look in the mirror and look for transparency, but there is a lot of dust, scratches, and traces of pebbles. I am full of strata, of layers. I question myself about myself, what I was before, and what I am after. Here is the answer: shared directly via body, via words, in a safe space where sharing predominates, and a good cup of tea.

João Oliveira is an interpreter and creator, based in Porto. He works both as an actor and dancer, having already collaborated with several directors and choreographers, from Né Barros, Sofia Dias & Vítor Roriz, Ricardo Pais, Madalena Vitorino, Luís Mestre, Francisco Camacho, among others. As a creator, he is interested in crossing several languages, mainly theater and dance. He is the author of the plays Dois Peixes em Marte (2021) with Andreia Fraga; and Dostoyevsky Made Me Do It (2023), a play presented as part of Palcos Instáveis Segunda Casa/LAB Aveiro.

Dance, M6 – 40 min


Past presentations

Jan 12 and 13, 2024 / Sala Estúdio do TCA

Created and performed by: João Oliveira

Musical composition: Carolina Elvira

Light design and operation: Afonso Lemos

External look: Mafalda Deville

Coproduction: Instável – Centro Coreográfico and Teatro Municipal do Porto

With the support of: Performact; Visões Úteis, Instável – Centro Coreográfico, Teatro Aveirense, Teatro Municipal do Porto