HIDE TO SEEK intends to think of the mask as a crystallization of an expression, state of mind or (identity) but also as a possibility of (dis)identification for the emergence of a distinct corporeality.

  • May 31 and Jun 1 / Café Teatro do Teatro Campo Alegre

On stage, a character for two interpreters who invoke memories, fears and insecurities, in a deaf dialogue with each other. The inside and the outside, the fall and the jump, the private and the public, all wrapped up in lullabies. On stage, two bodies that never tire of trying. Two bodies that know that sometimes you have to relearn how to live, and even relearn how to breathe.

  • May 26 / Casa da Criatividade de São João da Madeira

The game is played with your eyes closed to switch off the violence of unattainable ideals of beauty, representations and preconceived ways associated with femininity. Connecting with the authorship of their own body, the performers.

  • May 31 and Jun 1 / Sala Estúdio Teatro Campo Alegre