© Miguel Ângelo Afonso / FAÍCC 2019


It was in 2012 that Instável invested in creating the first space for dance making in Porto, ever since propelling contemporary dance in the city and the northern region, by the availability of space for experimenting and creating, in a free of charge and uncomplicated way.

By identifying the lack of spaces for dance making in Porto, Instável created, in 2012, a program of accommodating and assisting artistic residencies, at Teatro do Campo Alegre. Fast enough, the program became a crucial axis of Instável’s activities, by determining and safeguarding the development of dance in the area. With a high occupation rate – accommodating 90 residencies per year -, this program has allowed the experimentation, creation and empowerment of encounters and collaborations between creators and performers, from different generations and settings.

The Residencies Program at Instável is marked by the informal dynamic present at the Choreographic Centre, the autonomy given to the creators and the encouragement of an specific mentoring program to a group of projects, allowing the deepening of a specific component (artistic, technical or production wise) chosen by the creator.

© Miguel Ângelo Afonso / FAÍCC 2019


How can I book a residency?
Send an email to lugar@companhiainstavel.pt with requesting the studio, indicating the dates and schedules preferred (studios are available from monday to sunday, from 9am to 11pm). Since the booking of the space is not dependent on a previous selection, it will depend on the space’s availability.

To whom is it aimed at?
The residencies program of Instável is aimed at companies, emerging artists and other professionals mainly within the area of Contemporary Dance in Porto and the Northern Region.

What are the conditions?
The booking and space leasing is free of charge.
The projects that benefit from the Residencies Program shall mention the support in their projects artistic file and communication materials.

Artistic Counselling
Some of the accommodated projects can benefit from artistic counselling by a mentor chosen by the creator, as a way to encourage the project’s betterment and facilitate the collaboration between different professionals.

Instável also regularly incites projects and workshops aimed at creators who want to pursue and further develop their projects. Through a set of weekly sessions of diverse categories – such as sharings, lab projects and production, technical and artistic mentorship – the program PULSO supports the development of the artistic work in its various phases.