DR / Festival “Lá Fora”, criação e interpretação de Liliana Oliveira no âmbito do projeto “Percursos Pela Arquitetura”


Five months of continuous work in training sessions of a diverse nature, dynamized by the invited tutors – from choreographers and producers, to jurists and programmers, among others. Pulso covers various aspects of production and artistic work, and the themes of the sessions are defined according to the needs of the group, with sessions dedicated to production, fundraising, circulation, communication and dissemination, or the technical aspects of a show.

Pulso offers weekly online sessions and, more occasionally, mentoring sessions in small groups.

The innovative format of this project is characterized by favoring contact between emerging creators and various personalities in the field of Culture at different times of their artistic career. In this way, it offers participants different testimonies and working methodologies, creating a safe and collaborative space where reflection and critical thinking about the respective projects is promoted.

© Joana Rodrigues / FAICC 2018: “Percursos pela Arquitetura” com interpretação de Liliana Oliveira


In 2023, Pulso will take place between February and July, counting on one session per week (Monday mornings). Open to applications. Access to Pulso is dependent on application.


Mixed Component (online sessions + in-person mentorships):

Price: €100* (total amount/4 months)
Former students/Palcos Instáveis’ creators (2020-2022): €40**

Online Component (online sessions):

Price: €85* (total value/4 months)
Former students/Palcos Instáveis’ creators(2020-2022): €40**

* Participation in PULSO 2023 can be paid in two ways: in a single payment of €100, or in two payments of €50 each.

** Discount given to Palcos Instáveis’ creators only applies to 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 season participants.

Participants’ testemonies

Catarina Campos
“I think I’m going to sign up for every edition of Pulso, because it’s really been very relevant to me. Pulso has been fundamental in understanding the anatomy of an artistic project, the practical needs, the enormous challenges of funding and establishing partnerships, helping creators to create a network between peers and to continually establish bridges with different professionals in the sector.”

Jo da Silva
“Pulso has been, not only a boost to project development, but also an informal meeting point with part of the artistic community, much needed and that has not existed otherwise. I highly recommend it to anyone who has an idea and needs it an extra push.” Jo da Silva