© José Caldeira / “Zona 1”, by Ana Rita Xavier / Palcos Instáveis


In five months of work, PULSO aims to improve the development and production capabilities of creators and artists with projects in the creation phase. In a training and incentive model, the program aims to generate new skills through continuous work, based on training sessions of different natures. The sessions are hosted by different guests, including choreographers, producers, jurists, programmers, lighting designers, among others – covering multiple aspects of the work of creation, production and promotion.

PULSO’s innovative format is characterized by favoring contact between emerging creators and guests, personalities from the cultural field, at different moments of their artistic journey. It is through this format that offers participants access to different testimonies and work methodologies, creating a safe and collaborative space, where reflection and critical thinking about the respective projects is promoted. Weekly sessions, in a virtual space, allow the integration of international guests into the project, while face-to-face mentoring sessions, in small groups, allow for more personalized support.

© José Caldeira / "State of Doubt", by Duarte Valadares / Palcos Instáveis
© José Caldeira / "State of Doubt", by Duarte Valadares / Palcos Instáveis

In the words of one of the participants, Aura Fonseca:

“The program allows interaction and connection between choreographers of any age and professionals in the national artistic field, namely directors, programmers, producers, technicians, artists, etc. It allows the sharing of knowledge relevant to understanding the current context, and proposes something unique in the Portuguese context in providing regular online and/or in-person sessions at an affordable price for participants, who otherwise would not have access or opportunity. PULSO provides support in the professional development of participants from the beginning of a given project , until the moment of debut and sale.”



In 2024, PULSO opens its fourth edition for a group of a maximum of 40 participants. As in previous editions, the program intends to trigger weekly sessions with testimonial conversations, access to a production workshop, and artistic mentoring sessions.

The program runs between February 19 and July 15, 2024, with a weekly online session, on Monday mornings.

Apply until March 15 through this form.


Mixed component – online sessions + in-person mentoring

Applications are closed.

Online component – online sessions

Fee: €100
It can be paid in a single payment of €100, or in two payments of €50, one in March and the other in April.
Fee for former students/creators Palcos Instáveis (selected between 2021 and 2024): €50