© Gilson Fernandes / collective creation by Ana Caldeira, Bárbarar Fonseca, Catarina Branco, Daniel Taborda, Gisela Ferreira, Ivana Duarte, Joana Pinto, Jude O’Neil, Konstantina Ntinapogia, Leo Calvino, Lili Schulz, Mafalda Albuquerque, Mariana Barbosa, Susana Vilar, Veronica Vagnoni / Percursos pela Arquitetura / Open House Porto 2021 |  © RR / Jozefien Verbrugghe for Percursos Pela Arquitetura, Festival “Lá Fora” | © Joana Rodrigues / “Su su su”, created by Giulia Romitelli and Meguy Araújo, interpreted by Chiara Andreoni, Mariana Barbosa, Mário Martins Fonseca, Maya Longawa, Mirto Krasaki, Natia Chikvaidze and Veronica Vagnoni / Percursos pela Arquitetura

Percursos pela Arquitetura

A project by Ana Figueira, which promotes interaction and communication between two disciplines, apparently distant, but which influence and condition each other: Dance and Architecture.

In the interaction with the space, and based on a specific research method, small pieces are created that, as a whole, constitute a show-path that the public is invited to follow.

Based on the contamination between the built Space and the Body that is part of it, the project, in a site-specific format, intends to dialogue with urban spaces, through the exploration of non-formal contexts for dance. The project allows you to reach new audiences through unusual and challenging proposals. The way in which the space, its architecture and the perspective of the public/observer influences and conditions the perception of the body and movement, contributing to what is presented, is questioned.

Previous performances

Initially developed for the NEC – Coreographic Experimentation Center, under the name sub-18, the project had its first presentations in the following places:

  • Casa das Artes, Porto (1999)
  • Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto (2000)
  • Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett, Porto (2001)
  • Central Eléctrica do Freixo, Porto (2002)
  • Planetário do Porto (2003)
  • Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto (2004)
  • ETAR do Freixo, Porto (2005)

Between 2006 and 2009, now under the name Percursos pela Arquitetura, some creations were developed for Teatro Aveirense at:

  • Teatro Aveirense (2006)
  • Museu da Cidade, Aveiro (2007)
  • Jardim Infante D. Pedro, Aveiro (2008)
  • Fábrica Centro de Ciência Viva, Aveiro (2009)

Since 2014, the project has been developed by Instável – Centro Coreográfico and has been carried out in different locations:

  • Jardim Celorico de Basto, within the scope of Rota do Românico (2014)
  • Faculdade da Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto (2015 – 2023)
  • Abertura da Casa da Arquitetura (2017)
  • Aniversário da Casa da Arquitectura (2018 – 2022)
  • Open House Porto – event organized by Casa da Arquitectura (2017 – 2023), with performances on several places, such as Casa Roberto Ivens, in Matosinhos, and Escola Superior Artística do Porto
  • Festival Lá Fora, Évora (2018)
  • Fábrica das Ideias – withing the scope of the event Ilustração à Vista, Ílhavo (2019)
  • Cine-Teatro Alba, Albergaria-a-Velha (2019)
  • Pavilhões da Chuva e do Nevoeiro, Cascais – withing the scope of Architecture Triennial (2019)
  • Museu Municipal de Faro (2020)
© Ivo Tavares Studio / criação de Francisco Pinho e Dinis Santos / Abertura da Casa da Arquitectura 2017
© Ivo Tavares Studio / criação de Francisco Pinho e Dinis Santos / Abertura da Casa da Arquitectura 2017

In 2016, the project first approached the video-dance format. The films “Leveza”, “Vigília” and “Desassossego”, directed by Nicole Tsangaris, Duarte Silva and Pedro Branco, respectively, were the result of a production by Católica – Escola das Artes, in partnership with Instável and Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade do Porto. The pieces that make up this trilogy – the Trilogy of Indifference – were created and performed by students of the 5th edition of FAÍCC – Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography. That same year, Duarte Silva won the Best Director award at the Inshadow Festival, for his work on “Vigília”.

More recently, in 2022, a new video-dance was made. “UNSTABLE BODIES”, by Vinícios Ferreira, combines some of the pieces created and performed by students from the 11th edition of FAÍCC, presented within the scope of the Percursos pela Arquitetura project. This video-dance was selected for the festivals Dança em Foco (Rio de Janeiro), Zêzere Cinedança (Ferreira de Zêzere), Entre Olhares – Mostra de Cinema Português (Barreiro), and AIU Film Festival (Al Jahra); and won the Audience Award at the International Video Dance Festival (Braga).