© RR / Jozefien Verbrugghe for Percursos Pela Arquitetura, Festival “Lá Fora” | © Gilson Fernandes / collective creation by Ana Caldeira, Bárbarar Fonseca, Catarina Branco, Daniel Taborda, Gisela Ferreira, Ivana Duarte, Joana Pinto, Jude O’Neil, Konstantina Ntinapogia, Leo Calvino, Lili Schulz, Mafalda Albuquerque, Mariana Barbosa, Susana Vilar, Veronica Vagnoni / Percursos pela Arquitetura / Open House Porto 2021 | © Joana Rodrigues / “Su su su”, created by Giulia Romitelli and Meguy Araújo, interpreted by Chiara Andreoni, Mariana Barbosa, Mário Martins Fonseca, Maya Longawa, Mirto Krasaki, Natia Chikvaidze and Veronica Vagnoni / Percursos pela Arquitetura

Percursos pela Arquitetura

Urban spaces, with their urban grids and architectural lines, are part of a symbolic/cultural universe and carry with them a historical legacy from the past, which must be questioned in the light of the present, in order to properly project into the future.

Percursos pela Arquitetura is a project by Ana Figueira, in which short Dance pieces are created from the contamination of the built Space by the Body that is inserted in it. A site-specific that intends to dialogue with urban spaces through choreographic creation and the exploration of non-formal contexts for dance. Here, both the choreographers and the public find the possibility to discover and establish new relationships with the inhabited space.

© Joana Rodrigues / "Immortal", created and interpreted by Délia Krayenbühl, Joana Cunha Pinto and Saskia Faye Larcombe / Percursos pela Arquitetura / FAÍCC and FOCAR 2021

Since 1999, the project has been developed in different contexts and spaces. More recently, it has been presented at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto, Open House – Casa da Arquitectura, Festival Lá Fora (Évora), Ilustração à Vista (Ílhavo), Cineteatro Alba (Albergaria-a-Velha) and at the Municipal Museum of Faro.