© Tomás Laranjo / “A KIND OF SPACE”, by Mor Yaron and Chiara Leonardi / Mostra de Jovens Criadores FAÍCC 2023

Mostra de Jovens Criadores
FAÍCC 2024

The end of this year’s edition of FAÍCC – Intensive Course in Interpretation and Choreography is celebrated, as usual, with Mostra de Jovens Criadores. This year, the 17 students in the program will publicly present 10 original creations.

Combining training moments with periods of individual research and classes in choreographic composition, participants are encouraged to explore new artistic capacities. Although it focuses on the evolutionary process, the Training is also oriented towards building a co-creation, providing, at the end of the course, the opportunity for a public presentation at Teatro Campo Alegre – where it now takes place.

Program 1 – 16:00

6:00 AM, a espera do Zé
Created and interpreted by – Felipe Contreras, Margot Thuillier and Zé Couteiro


Created and interpreted by – Thalia Agapaki and Beariz Lourenço


Created and interpreted by – Carina Hofmann


For us, it is three
Created and interpreted by – Artur Bóndia and Paola Ribeiro


Happy (Sad Version)
Created and interpreted by – Marta Machado and Kosma Bresson


Program 2 – 18:00

Created and interpreted by – Sílvia Fernandes and Marine Perruchoud
Original music and interpretation by – Beatriz Madruga
Projected videos – Sílvia Fernandes


In Spain we call it soledad, in Portugal we call it saudade
Created and interpreted by – Zé Couteiro and Ana Olcina
Music – Miguel Boucinha


Artistic direction – Jo Correia
Performed by – Jo Correia, Marta Machado and Thalia Agapaki
Sound design – Jo Correia and Sofia Calvet


Created by – Eiby Lobos
Interpreted by – Felipe Contreras, Silvia Fernandez and Eiby Lobos


Appeal to reason (temporary title)
Artistic direction – Mia Brandão and Passainte Hicham
Interpreted by – Ana Olcina, Eiby Lobos, Marta Machado, Marine Perruchoud, Beatriz Lourenço, Margot Thouillier and Thalia Agapaki

Dance, M/6


Jul 19 and 20 / Sala Estúdio do Teatro Campo Alegre

Created and interpreted by:Ana Olcina, Artur Bóndia, Beatriz Lourenço, Carina Hofmann, Eiby Lobos, Felipe Contreras, Joana Correia, José Couteiro, Kosma Bresson, Margot Thuillier, Marine Perruchoud, Marta Machado, Mia Brandão, Paola Ribeiro, Passainte Hicham, Sílvia Fernandes, Thalia Agapaki

Technical direction: Afonso Lemos

Production: Edna Vidigal e Rita Tavares

Trainers and mentors: Ana Figueira, Catarina Miranda, Daniela Cruz, Luis Mestre, Joclécio Azevedo and Raul Maia