© Simão do Vale Africano / “HIDE TO SEEK”, by Júlio Cerdeira

Júlio Cerdeira
Palcos Instáveis / Coproduction with Teatro Municipal do Porto

HIDE TO SEEK intends to think of the mask as a crystallization of an expression, state of mind or (identity) but also as a possibility of (dis)identification for the emergence of a distinct corporeality. In a tense and ritual game of hide and seek, the body redefines itself with each gesture, allowing itself to be transformed by its successive repositioning. We seek an evident dialogue between impervious form and changeable form, between the singular and the collective, which allows the impression of the mask on the face and the invocation of otherness on the body.

Júlio Cerdeira is a performer and creator in the areas of dance, performance and theater. In 2015, he graduated in Theater from the University of Minho and in 2018 completed his research studies in arts in the Masters in Performing Arts at ESMAE, specializing in Artistic Direction and Interpretation. In 2019, he co-founded BANQUETE, a structure that develops work in the area of research and creation in performing arts: theater, dance and music. At the moment, he is a doctoral student in Contemporary Art at the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra. As a performer and creator, he collaborated with: Né Barros, Elisabete Magalhães, Rogério Nuno Costa, Sandro William Junqueira Festival DDD, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte, Family Film Project, P.Porto Fórum, Zet Gallery, Hosek Contemporary (Berlin), Centro de Arte Oliva, TRÊSPÊ Festival, among others.

Dance, M12 – 45 min


Previous presentations

May 31 and Jun 1 / Café Teatro do TCA

Artistic direction and choreography: Júlio Cerdeira

Interpreted by: Maria R Soares, Rafael Pinto, Suevia Rojo

Music (live): Miguel De

Light desgin: Pedro Abreu

Props (masks): Ed Freitas e Nuno Fonseca

Interpretation monitoring: Joana Gomes Martins

Artistic consultancy: Cláudia Marisa, Né Barros

Communication and video design: Luís Belo

Photography: João Octávio Peixoto, Miguel De

Executive production: Rui Macário Ribeiro

Production and communication support: BANQUETE – Associação de Investigação e Criação em Artes Performativas

Thanks to: Hugo Loureiro

Partners: Arte Total, Backstage – Escola de Dança e Artes Performativas, Centro de Arte Oliva, Coffeepaste, Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo, Município de Braga, Núcleo de Investigação em Estudos Performativos (NIEP), O que Faltava, zetgallery

Coproducers: Braga 25 – Capital Portuguesa da Cultura 2025, Teatro Diogo Bernardes/Município de Ponte de Lima, Instável – Centro Coreográfico e Teatro Municipal do Porto*


* Within the scope of Palcos Instáveis