Helder Seabra

Workshop with Helder Seabra
Open Module

The class will start by focusing on an organic form of movement, using and recycling energy in a continuous flow, progressively growing from the ground and addressing concepts such as risk, confidence, instinct, speed. We will focus, among other things, on kinetic force and anatomy, leaving and returning to our center, with an opening to the interior (physical consciousness) and to the exterior (our entire surroundings) merging what we control with the that we let happen or simply observe.

Thus, this meeting will confront a meditative state, which plunges into the personal vortex of each one, with the relationship between each being and the surrounding space. In the unexplored corners of the mind and body, when we find the vortex of each one of us, we will allow the complexity of the subconscious to stimulate us at a technical and creative level and generate our own individuality within the surrounding collective.

We will explore methods of producing material that play with each individual’s personality, image and strengths and weaknesses, in an attempt to find unique and specific material.

Discovering the vulnerability of the unconscious when channeling the purity of presence and learning to take pleasure in spontaneity, we will be free to question:

  • When can we set a limit for moving forward?
  • How does a dancer approach the character, how does a character move/dance?
  • As this journey oscillates between us as humans and artists, we will discover our inner guerrilla warfare reflected back through the root of dark matter.
  • Dark matter? Can we afford to go there?

Helder Seabra

Helder Seabra is a prolific creator, performer and trainer currently residing in Belgium. He began his journey at the Ginasiano and P.A.R.T.S., run by Anna Teresa de Keersmaecker, in Brussels. At the same time, he performed for Companhia Instável in creations by Ronit Ziv, Javier Frutos and, in 2004, Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez for the re-editing of Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles, in a co-production with Instável. Since then he has worked as a performer and assistant to Wim Vandekeybus, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Damien Jalet and other internationally renowned choreographers on critically acclaimed projects. In 2013 he founded Incognitus vzw, a structure with which he has been developing his own artistic path, in collaboration with other artists. With a remarkably dynamic and articulate style, raw and refined at the same time, Helder Seabra presents an artistic language of his own and of great physicality. In 2021, he created “Lowlands”, a co-production between Companhia Instável and Teatro Municipal do Porto, in a commission for the 90th anniversary of Rivoli. In 2023, this creation made a short tour of Belgium.

Jul 18 to 21 / TBD (Porto)


9:30 – 15:30 (with the exception of Jul 21, ending at 14:00)

Apply via residenciascompanhiainstavel@gmail.com

Until Jul 10: 60€

After: 80€