© Rita Castro/Kubikgallery / “Hilda de Paulo (Sapatos)”, by Hilda de Paulo

Emi Koyama passou aqui
Hilda de Paulo
Palcos Instáveis / Coproduction with Teatro Municipal do Porto

Activist and author Emi Koyama wrote the “Transfeminist Manifesto” in 2001 and is considered one of the main early voices for the development of transfeminism. In the performance-installation “Emi Koyama passou aqui”, Hilda revisits this great elaboration by Koyama, in order to undo some misconceptions and clichés that still persist about transfeminism.

Hilda de Paulo is an artist, researcher, transfeminist writer and independent curator. She is the author of the Arquivo Gis project, programmer of Queer Lisboa and Queer Porto, founding member of Cia. Excesses and eRevista Performatus. She has been part of national and international group exhibitions, and some of her works are permanently included in the collections of some institutions, such as the Serralves Foundation, the Municipal Art Collection of the city of Porto, among others. She is also the creator of the lecture-performance-workshop “What Comes After Hope?” (2022) and the performance-installation “some notes on belonging” (2024). Currently, she is a PhD student in Literary, Cultural and Interartistic Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto.

Dance, M14 – 40 min


Oct 4 and 5 / Sala Estúdio do TCA

Concept, Text and Costumes: Hilda de Paulo

Art direction and Scenography: Tales Frey

Coproduction: Instável – Centro Coreográfico and Teatro Municipal do Porto*


* Within the scope of Palcos Instáveis