© Pedro Sardinha / “Ballet de Causa Única”, by Willi Dorner for Companhia Instável


Aware of the importance of creating audiences for Contemporary Dance, in 2023 we started the EM-volvimento project: a program of mediation and involvement of audiences, which is being applied transversally to all presentations of Instável.

The project, designed by a team led by Raúl Ramos – a recognized specialist in cultural management, marketing and audiences –, aims, at this stage, to encourage the participation of new audiences and/or to enhance the relationship between (already existing) audiences and the work .

A series of activities have been developed parallel to each presentation, taking into account the target audiences and territories. At the same time, a public study is being carried out. Data processing will be carried out by the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto, coordinated by João Teixeira Lopes, sociologist in the area of Culture.


From the cross-cutting activities to all works in circulation, we highlight the EM-volvimento podcast, available on Spotify and Youtube.

All pieces in circulation, by the Company or included in the cycle Palcos Insáveis Segunda Casa have an audience mediation component.