© Miguel F / “ISTO NÃO É PARA GENTE, É PARA BESTA!”, by Magda

Palcos Instáveis / Coproduction with Teatro Municipal do Porto

A solo that refers to Cultural Archaeology, where memories are unearthed to enhance the construction of a current narrative based on critical thinking and memory as raw material.


I got involved with dance from a very early age, I studied at Ginasiano in Gaia and at ArtEZ in the Netherlands. In recent years I have been trying to ensure that my life-long relationship with this art does not end in divorce, and that is why since 2019 I have been more focused on working on my creations. Until now, projects have always been in collaboration with other artists. In addition to my work as a performer and emerging creator, I also teach dance classes, a livelihood that has taught me as much as I have taught my students.

Dance, M6 – 45 min


Oct 4 and 5 / Café Teatro do TCA

Creation, movement and voice: Magda

Light design: Francisco Campos

Creative support: Miguel F

Research support: Arminda Santos

Residency support: Sekoia Artes Performativas, Instável – Centro Coreográfico

Coproduction: Instável – Centro Coreográfico and Teatro Municipal do Porto*


* Within the scope of Palcos Instáveis