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Showcase Instável

E.LO – Showcase Instável is a new project by Instável, which aims to bring emerging creators from the North of the country closer to circuits and programming designs, in order to reduce the difficulties they encounter in promoting and touring their pieces. It consists of a virtual showcase that facilitates the meeting and dialogue between 3 creators and at least 3 programmers in each session. Through a positive and constructive approach, we encourage sharing and mutual learning, and non-hierarchical relationships are instigated.

The first session of E.LO – Showcase Instável took place on November 15, via Zoom, with creators Ana Renata Polónia, Guilherme Sousa and Pedro Azevedo, and Mercedes Quijada, and programmers Bruno Reis, Catarina Saraiva and Fátima Alçada.

The second session took place on November 30th, also virtually, and was attended by the following creators: Aura, Carminda Soares and Maria R. Soares, and Duarte Valadares. Filipe Marado, Mickael Oliveira and Mónica Guerreiro were the programmers.

Ana Rita Xavier and Sofia Alvernaz, Rebecca Moradalizadeh, and Marta Ramos were the creators present at the third session, which took place on January 17th. The selected creators were joined by the programmers Bruno dos Reis, Dina Lopes and Vasco Neves.

Future sessions:

Jan 17 / 10h – 12h, via Zoom


Past sessions:

Nov 15 and 30 / 10h – 12h, via Zoom

The sessions are moderated by the journalist and dance critic Cláudia Galhós. The jury committee responsible for choosing the creators is composed of Ana Figueira (Unstable), Dina Magalhães (Circular festival), Luís André Sá (Planalto Festival).