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Call / Executive Producer

We are currently looking for a full-time executive producer available from September 2023.


– Higher level education
– Good computer skills from a user perspective
– Good interpersonal relationship skills
– Fondness and ability to work in a team
– Good level of spoken and written Portuguese and English
– Interest in the cultural area, namely the performing arts



– Organizational skills, sense of responsibility and problem solving
– Ability to work in a team
– Excellent oral and written expression
– Ability to manage stress and resilience
– Creativity, dynamism and spirit of initiative
– Transversality
– Sympathy and good humor
– Available for flexible schedules


– Until August 14 (applications will be analyzed in order of arrival)

– Send your the curriculum vitae

– Submission of a short video (maximum 1.5 min) with a presentation of the profile, curriculum, interests and expectations.

– Statement about your professional interests and expectations (max. 1 A4 page)


Send to lugar@companhiainstavel.pt and residenciascompanhiainstavel@gmail.com


– In person, on a date to be defined later



– At Instável (1st Floor of Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto)