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Call / Executive Producer

Instável – Centro Coreográfico aims to value contemporary dance creators and performers from Porto and the North Region, by creating opportunities and promoting better conditions for artistic activity.

With work in the areas of training and support for creators, research and creation, circulation and development of audiences, Instável asserts itself as a living and informal space through which multiple creators and performers pass by, in a logic of incubator of experimentation, where it is promoted meeting, working and learning, based on collaboration and encouragement.

We are currently looking for a full-time executive producer with immediate availability.


– Higher level education
– Good computer skills from a user perspective
– Good interpersonal relationship skills
– Fondness and ability to work in a team
– Good level of spoken and written Portuguese and English
– Interest in the cultural area, namely the performing arts



– Organizational skills, sense of responsibility and problem solving
– Ability to work in a team
– Excellent oral and written expression
– Ability to manage stress and resilience
– Creativity, dynamism and spirit of initiative
– Transversality
– Sympathy and good humor
– Complete availability for flexible schedules


– Until January 19th (applications will be analyzed in order of arrival)

– Send your the curriculum vitae

– Submission of a short video (maximum 1.5 min) with a presentation of the profile, curriculum, interests and expectations.

– Statement about your professional interests and expectations (max. 1 A4 page)


Send to lugar@companhiainstavel.pt


– In person, on a date to be defined later



– Remote and presential at Instável (1st Floor of Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto)