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Mórula Grant
Creative Incentive Program
Call for entries

Mórula Grant is a support program by Instável – Centro Coreográfico that promotes research, experimentation and creation in the field of contemporary dance. It is aimed at emerging creators, native or residing in the North region of Portugal, with a dance project under development.

In this call for entries we intend to select one project, which will benefit from a set of opportunities described below.

The program intends to serve as a stimulus to the local artistic fabric, supporting and encouraging creators of different levels in the choreographic creation and maturation of their ideas and intentions, even before having a presentation and/or co-production agreement.

The Mórula Grant is characterized by artistic support and support for the research it encourages. That is, the mentor is not imposed, but rather a choice made by the creator among his contacts or other artistic or scientific areas, complementary or not. Instável’s action involves promoting this: encouraging sharing, maintaining the openness and distance necessary for creation, and encouraging creators to select a mentor.



The selected project will benefit from a set of opportunities:

– individualized artistic mentoring to be selected from the pool of mentors proposed by Instável (the project will have 8 mentoring sessions), in the equivalent of €240, paid to the mentor;

– scholarship to support creation in the amount of €1000, throught receipt;

– support for the production, communication and sale of the project, in conjunction with other Instável projects, namely through participation in the Pulso program;

– access to a studio at Instável’s facilities, for research, creation and work, according to space availability.


Upon awarding the grant, the selected project must mention Instável’s support in all promotional materials.

Applications must be sent by July 15



Announcement of results by July 30


Periods for carrying out the artistic residency for the selected project:
– 15 days to be defined, between Dec 2 and 22, 2024, according to space availability

This grant can be combined with other support and incentive projects from Instável, with the exception of Palcos Instáveis. However, creators can apply to the Open Call for the Palcos Instáveis cycle, as long as it is another creation.