© Juliana Silva e Adam Ilyuk / “BLUEPRINT”, de Juliana Fernandes e Victor Gomes / Palcos Instáveis

Juliana Fernandes and Victor Gomes
Palcos Instáveis / Coproduction with Teatro Municipal do Porto

BLUEPRINT marks the second collaboration between Juliana Fernandes and Victor Gomes as co-creators and interpreters, taking as a starting point the investigation and materialization of various themes related to space and the body with a view to triggering new ways of perceiving them. In short, it aims to lead the public to question the reasons for the intrinsic and often dogmatic conventions attached to these same themes.

Exploring the notions of space, neutral space, empty space (etc…) and questioning their differentiating purposes and functions, we seek to contemplate these same notions when corporeal. Questioning where an artistic object comes from, whether from the body or from space, and simultaneously investigating the potential of a body as a space that can be inhabited and/or contemplated.

The place as a metamorphosis of a space.

Juliana Fernandes and Victor Gomes have degrees from Escola Superior de Dança and crossed their artistic path in the Performact training in 2019, the year in which their collaboration began as co-creators of the piece Na ausência de Ternura.

Juliana Fernandes has developed her work in the area of creation, highlighting the following pieces: to the right of where the sun rises, in front, Ever yours, faded love and Sonata for vacuum, and H. strings. She creates and produces the Lethes em Bruto festival in 2021. In 2022, she will complete her Postgraduate Degree in Contemporary Dance at ESMAE, in Porto.

Victor Gomes highlights in his career his work as a performer in the plays Sem chão, Sem fim and Um fio de ar by Amélia Bentes, SUGAR by the SillySeason collective, and Justiça by Joana Providência. He also highlights his participation as a guest choreographer at the Lethes em Bruto festival.

They are currently executive and artistic directors of the AN-TRE training program.



Past presentations

Jan 12 and 13, 2024 / Café Teatro do TCA

Artistic direction, cocreation and interpretation by: Juliana Fernandes and Victor Gomes

Music edition: Juliana Fernandes and Victor Gomes

Light design and operation: Élio Moreira

Costumes: Susana Gateira and Cândida Meira

Photos and photographic support: Juliana Silva and Adam Ilyuk

Video: Henrique Rocha – Klack

Residency support: Casa Varela – Pombal, CDV – Teatro do Noroeste, Sekoia artes performativas – Artists Shelter, and Instável –Centro Coreográfico

Coproduction: Município de Pombal – Casa Varela, Teatro Municipal do Porto and Instável Centro Coreográfico

Financial support: Fundação GDA – Support for dance and theater shows 2023

Thanks: Diana Figueiredo, Ricardo Simões, Rita Tavares, Tânia Guerreiro, Rina Marques