© Lisa Rastl / “Bodies in urban spaces”, by Willi Dorner

From Dancing Into Different Medias
Willi Dorner

In February, Instável is holding a masterclass from Willi Dorner. “From dancing into different medias” is an online training that aims to explore the body’s relationship with space and architecture.

Willi Dorner

Willi Dorner lives and works in Vienna. His work includes stage pieces and site specific performances. Dorner is especially recognized for leading audiences to experience everyday situations differently. He is the author of Bodies in Urban Spaces, presented in more than 80 cities, in which performers and dancers use city spaces to challenge notions of sculpture and encourage reflection on everyday space. In addition to dance, Dorner has a deep interest in photography, film and the visual arts, integrating them into some of his choreographic works. He was awarded the Österreichischer Tanzproduktionspreis 2000 and other international choreography awards. He received the BLAULAUT-Price for his performance Bodies in Urban Spaces, in the interdisciplinary art category, in 2011. Of his films, Pearls 07 stands out.

Feb 6th
9:30 – 13:30
Via Zoom / Workshop in English

Apply via email

Price – 30€