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Instável's Production Course

Instável’s Production Course is an irreverent program. On the one hand, it draws on Instável’s experience in the development of training programmes, in the production of shows and in encouraging new professionals, reconciling essential and unavoidable subjects and trainers with younger ones; on the other hand, it does not intend to provide work models, but to provoke thought and synergies, various interactions, some controversial and others safer.

It aims to professionalize the participants through the development of different fundamental skills to the process of construction and dissemination of a show. It has a modular structure and a strong practical component.


It is intended for creators, producers and other workers in the field of culture who want to deepen their knowledge in the area of cultural production, namely in the outlining of management, production, communication and financing strategies within the scope of Performing Arts. In this course, several modules will be addressed, such as Production; Cultural communication; Financial management; Cultural Policies; Law in Culture; Scene Direction / Cultural Spaces; Programming Strategies; Sound; Video; Light; Applications; Environment and Sustainability. The development of publics is the cross-sectional area of Instável for 2023.


Over 14 weeks, participants will have the opportunity to plan and implement management, production, communication and financing strategies within the scope of Performing Arts, namely in the areas of theater and dance, offering trainees tools for integration into a professional context . At the end of the course, the opportunity for students to carry out internships in partner structures might be facilitated.


These are some of the trainers already confirmed: Amarílis Felizes, Ana Figueira, Catarina Serrazina, Francisco Cipriano, Mafalda Sebastião, Rita Tomás and Samuel Guimarães.

Submit applications by April 14 using the form

from april 17 to july 21
14 weeks – 195 hours


Mondays: online – from 10:00 to 12:00
Tuesday to Thursday: online and in person – from 19:00 to 23:00



Enrolment – 70€

By April 14, in one single payment – 740€
In installments – 1st (until April 10th) worth €400, 2nd (until May 31st) worth €250, 3rd (until June 30th) worth €250 – a total of €900